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With javascript to iqueryable framework, you can build a javascript / html5 / css3 application that implement the MVVM pattern for standard and mobile scenarios. Follow-Me on facebook.

To test this project you need to use the Northwind database. Change the connection string in the web.config. IMPORTANT: This is a preview release.

Classic page with knockout MVVM
jQuery mobile page with knockout MVVM
CRUD knockoutjs grid and MVVM pattern
jQuery mobile dynamic content with a knockoutjs template and MVC
Create a PhoneGap application using html5/javascript
How using RavenDB in a html5/javascript application
Knockoutjs and LINQ for JavaScript

You must use the following properties to set the format of the decimal point and datetime type values
(ko.iqueryable.decimalPoint = "point" / ko.iqueryable.dateFormat = "date"). Point may be set to "." , ",". Date may be set to "mda", "dma", "amd". By default it will be set to "." and "mda". Internally the datetime format it will be in millisecond. You can also use the plugin property "tconvertJsonDate" to convert automatically the datetime values that they will be returned from the server. If you set tconvertJsonDate="true" every datetime field it will be converted in the corresponding string format. There are also some knockout.js custom binding to manage decimal and datetime value. For input field (valueStr, valueInt,valueDec, valueDat, valueBol) . For text field (textDec, textDat). See examples in Application30-beta0.85x project for more details ( Example1 - Example2 ). By default jQuery validator uses only validation by “dot” separator. If you want modyfing decimal separator see this link.

Knockout.js custom binding (to format deciaml and datetime values - example1)
Knockout.js custom binding (to format deciaml and datetime values - example2)

As you have read in the "" home page, at javascript level there are two layers. Inner layer is the file "zPageGrid1.js" that contains core funtionality (PagingBase object), outer layers are the files "zPageGrid2.js" and "zPageGrid3.js" that contains jQuery plugins for standard application and jquery mobile application. Both the pluin wrap the "PagingBase" object, in this way you can reuse the core functionality in different places. Another way that you can follow it is to use the javascript inheritance. It will be created a base javascript class that wrap the "PagingBase" object. Then it will be created a sub javascript class that inherits from the base javascript class. In this way the ui functionality that before you have put in the jquery plugin, now you will found in the base javascript class . In your application now you will use inheritance instead of a jquery plugin. See examples in the extras file download: - Example

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